This is the course hub for #wire106, a themed version of the fabled #ds106 digital storytelling course.

Telephone designed by Simple Icons from the Noun Project


I am loving your work in #wire106, FYI


I am again testing @withknown for another splendid, marvelous, absolutely amazing group at #davidsoncollege


I am testing @withknown at #DavidsonCollege



@jimgroom @phb256 @LKMahone @Brumface @teamtightpants @jessreingold @alisonthoet @Green_Canoe Talked about you guys in my last weekly ds106 post. Would right more but got finals to study haha. Hope you guys enjoy it! #ds106 #wire106

#ds106 #wire106


c'est la vie after DS106! First time ever I'm turning in the final project and weekly summary before nightfall, by my chinny chin chin @



@Iam TalkyTina Headswap tutorial easily accomplished @



Check out Rawls's new posts #wire106 #ds106